Utilities sector of Zimbabwe: Analysis of production and consumption trends of Water and Power (2020 - 2025)

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The Energy sector in Zimbabwe presents immense investment opportunities be it in Power development, Petroleum supply or renewable energy sub sectors. 26 billion tonnes of coal reserves are available for power generation translating to 8,000 years of use at the current consumption of 3 million tonnes per annum.  

Zimbabwe is bordered to the north by the Zambezi River and to the south by the Limpopo River, both of which flow into Mozambique. The country consists of the following major river systems which form the basis of the seven river catchments the country has been divided into: Save, Runde, Mzingwane, Gwayi, Sanyati, Manyame and Mazowe. With the exception of the Save and Runde the other main rivers drain into either the Zambezi or Limpopo.  

The annual potential yield at 10 percent risk (resources in a dry year of a 10th year frequency) from all river basins in the country has been estimated to be 11.26km3/year. This assessment excludes external surface water resources from such bordering international rivers like the Zambezi and Limpopo.

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