Positive Displacement Pumps Market Size, Share - Segmented by Pump Type (Reciprocating, Rotary), End-User (Oil & Gas, Power Generation, Water Supply/Treatment, Chemical), and Geography - Growth, Trends, and Forecast (2019 - 2024).

Positive Displacement Pumps Market Size, Share - Segmented by Pump Type (Reciprocating, Rotary), End-User (Oil & Gas, Power Generation, Water Supply/Treatment, Chemical), and Geography - Growth, Trends, and Forecast (2019 - 2024).

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Positive Displacement Pumps Market

The global positive displacement pumps market has witnessed some volatility in its demand in the past few years mainly due to the downturn in the oil & gas industry. However, the industry has started to recover in 2017 with an increase in spending and outlook is expected to be positive on account of increasing crude oil price and an increase in activity, especially in North America. The increasing demand from other industries such as refining, chemical, pharmaceutical, and wastewater treatment has reduced the level of shock from oil & gas industry. Asia-Pacific is expected to be one of the largest markets due to its increasing population and industrialization in countries such as India and China, resulting in increasing demand for crude oil, chemicals, and pharmaceutical. The region accounted for around 35.2% of the global crude oil consumption, and it is growing at approximately 2.9% annually in the past few years.

                                              Positive Displacement Pumps Market

Wastewater Treatment Driving the Positive Displacement Pumps Market

Neglecting wastewater in the past has resulted in detrimental impacts on the sustainability of water supplies, human health, economy, and environment. With increasing environmental awareness, spiraling costs and shrinking resources, an increasing number of water-dependent industries are deploying water treatment systems to improve reliability, enhance profitability and sustainability of their operation. Wastewater treatment facilities require pump stations to achieve a stable, and secured flow to the wastewater treatment plants. On an average, high-income countries treat about 70% of the industrial and municipal wastewater it generate. That ratio drops to 38% in upper middle-income countries and to about 28% in lower middle-income countries. The benefits to society of managing human waste are significant, for public health and environment. For every USD 1 spent on sanitation the estimated return to society is USD 5.5. As a result, the governments across the world have introduced strict policies and regulations regarding wastewater treatment for both municipal and industrial sector. The operators are needed to deploy water treatment units in its facilities as an alternative to overcome water scarcity challenges and hence driving the market.

                                               Positive Displacement Pumps Market

Reciprocating to Account for a Largest Share

It has served a wide range of industrial services including high-pressure water blasting, seawater reverse osmosis, cleaning and cutting, mine dewatering, metal descale, hydraulic charge, hydrostatic test, chemical processing and pressure mixing. It is also used in oilfields both onshore and offshore to satisfy a wide range of pumping services including methanol injection, high-pressure seawater injection, and disposal, blowout preventer charge pumps, subsea hydraulic systems, gas processing systems for dehydration and gas sweetening. Today’s complex refining process involves extreme temperature, high-pressure and the ability to handle volatile fluids have resulted in a demand for specialized pumps. As a result, the manufacturers have invested significantly in the past few years to offer specialized reciprocating pumps to the industry. This has resulted in a significant increase in competition among top players.

China is one of the Largest Positive Displacement Pumps Market

The positive displacement market has witnessed significant growth in China on the back of rapid industrialization and economic growth in the past. A large number of high-tech pumps used in the country are either imported or produced by joint ventures between Japanese/Western companies and the Chinese company. In the last two to three years the Chinese government has taken some strict steps for environmental protection and introduced strict rules for the industrial sector such as pushing industries for new investments or upgrade in-factory and centralized wastewater treatment facilities. Under the 13th Five-Year-Plan (2016-2020) the government planned to invest RMB 559 billion on water treatment industry. This has created new opportunity for the pump manufacturers and suppliers in the country.

                                               Positive Displacement Pumps Market

Positive Displacement Pumps Market Major Players

  • Flowserve Corp
  • Grundfos A/S
  • Sulzer AG
  • KSB SE & Co
  • KGaA
  • LEWA GmbH
  • Pentair plc.
  • Ampco Pumps Company
  • Xylem Inc
  • SPX Flow Inc
  • ITT Inc.

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  • Analyzing various perspectives of the market with the help of Porter’s five forces analysis
  • The segment that is expected to dominate the market
  • Regions that are expected to witness fastest growth during the forecast period
  • Identify the latest developments, and strategies employed by the major market players.
  • 3 months analyst support along with the Market Estimate sheet (in excel).

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1. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY                                             

2. RESEARCH METHODOLOGY                                    

                2.1 Scope of Study                          

                2.2 Market Definition                    

                2.3 Study Assumptions                 

                2.4 Study Deliverables                  

                2.5 Research Phases                      

3. MARKET OVERVIEW                                  

                3.1 Introduction                               

                3.2 Market Size and Demand Forecast until 2023                              

                3.3 Recent Trends and Developments                   

4. MARKET DYNAMICS                                  

                4.1 Positive Displacement Pumps Market Drivers                          

                4.2 Positive Displacement Pumps Market Restraints                    

                4.3 Positive Displacement Pumps Market Opportunities                            

5. SUPPLY CHAIN ANALYSIS                                        

6. INDUSTRY ATTRACTIVENESS - PORTER’S FIVE FORCE ANALYSIS                                             

                6.1 Bargaining Power of Suppliers                            

                6.2 Bargaining Power of Consumers                       

                6.3 Threat of New Entrants                         

                6.4 Threat of Substitute Products & Services                      

                6.5 Intensity of Competitive Rivalry                        

7. MARKET SEGMENTATION & ANALYSIS  (Introduction, Market Size and Demand Forecast in USD billion, until 2023)                                               

                7.1 Positive Displacement Pumps Market By Pump Type                           

                                7.1.1 Reciprocating         

                                7.1.2 Rotary       

                7.2 Positive Displacement Pumps Market By End User                

                                7.2.1 Oil & Gas  

                                7.2.2 Power Generation               

                                7.2.3 Water Supply/Treatment 

                                7.2.4 Chemical  

                                7.2.5 Others      

8. REGIONAL MARKET ANALYSIS (Introduction, Market Size and Demand Forecast in USD billion until 2023)                                         

                8.1 North America Positive Displacement Pumps Market Size (2018-2023)                         

                                8.1.1 United States Positive Displacement Pumps Market Size (2018-2023)         

                                8.1.2 Canada Positive Displacement Pumps Market Size (2018-2023)     

                                8.1.3 Rest of North America       

                8.2 Europe  Positive Displacement Pumps Market Size (2018-2023)                        

                                8.2.1 France  Positive Displacement Pumps Market Size (2018-2023)      

                                8.2.2 Germany  Positive Displacement Pumps Market Size (2018-2023)

                                8.2.3 United Kingdom Positive Displacement Pumps Market Size (2018-2023) 

                                8.2.4 Russia Positive Displacement Pumps Market Size (2018-2023)        

                                8.2.5 Rest of Europe      

                8.3 South America Positive Displacement Pumps Market Size (2018-2023)                          

                                8.3.1 Brazil Positive Displacement Pumps Market Size (2018-2023)          

                                8.3.2 Argentina Positive Displacement Pumps Market Size (2018-2023)

                                8.3.3 Colombia  Positive Displacement Pumps Market Size (2018-2023)

                                8.3.4 Rest of South America       

                8.4 Asia-Pacific Positive Displacement Pumps Market Size (2018-2023)                 

                                8.4.1 China Positive Displacement Pumps Market Size (2018-2023)         

                                8.4.2 India Positive Displacement Pumps Market Size (2018-2023)          

                                8.4.3 Japan Positive Displacement Pumps Market Size (2018-2023)         

                                8.4.5 South Korea Positive Displacement Pumps Market Size (2018-2023)           

                                8.4.6 Rest of Asia-Pacific              

                8.5 Middle-East and Africa Positive Displacement Pumps Market Size (2018-2023)                          

                                8.5.1 Saudi Arabia Positive Displacement Pumps Market Size (2018-2023)           

                                8.5.2 United Arab Emirates Positive Displacement Pumps Market Size (2018-2023)         

                                8.5.3 South Africa Positive Displacement Pumps Market Size (2018-2023)            

                                8.5.4 Rest of Middle East and Africa        

9. KEY COMPANY PROFILES* (Overview, Products & Services, Financials**, Recent Developments)                                         

                9.1 Flowserve Corp                        

                9.2 Grundfos A/S                            

                9.3 Sulzer AG                    

                9.4 KSB SE & Co. KGaA                  

                9.5 LEWA GmbH                              

                9.6 Pentair plc.                 

                9.7 Ampco Pumps Company                      

                9.8 Xylem Inc                    

                9.9 SPX Flow Inc                               

                9.10 ITT Inc.                       

10. COMPETITIVE LANDSCAPE                                   

                10.1 Mergers and Acquisitions, Joint Ventures Collaborations and   Agreements               

                10.2 Strategies Adopted by Key Players                

11. DISCLAIMER                                               

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