Long-fiber Thermoset Composites Market - Segmented by Resin Type (Unsaturated Polyester, Epoxy, Vinyl Ester), Fibre Type (Glass Fiber, Carbon Fiber), End-User (Transportation, Marine, Aerospace, Building & Construction, Wind Energy, Electrical & Electronics, Consumer Goods), and Geography - Growth, Trends, and Forecast (2019 - 2024).

Long-fiber Thermoset Composites Market - Segmented by Resin Type (Unsaturated Polyester, Epoxy, Vinyl Ester), Fibre Type (Glass Fiber, Carbon Fiber), End-User (Transportation, Marine, Aerospace, Building & Construction, Wind Energy, Electrical & Electronics, Consumer Goods), and Geography - Growth, Trends, and Forecast (2019 - 2024).

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Long-fiber Thermoset Composites Market 

The Long-fibre thermoset composites market is estimated to grow at a moderate to high rate during the forecast period, 2018-2023. Asia-Pacific is expected to witness highest growth in the demand for long-fibre thermoset composites during the forecast period, owing to the rising demand from automotive and construction industry.

Stringent Regulations for Carbon Emission and Uptake of Electric Vehicles 

European carbon emissions regulations have lowered the amount of emissions per kilometer, from below 130g/km CO2 in 2015 to 95g/km CO2 in 2021. A level of 68-75g/km CO2 is proposed beyond that, possibly by 2025 or 2030. This encourages OEMs to improve the fuel economy of their car fleet. However, certain OEMs have expressed their concerns at the planned regulations as they are more stringent compared to other regions in the world, potentially leading to added costs in product or technology development. This has created an opportunity for the automakers as well as consumers to look forward to alternatives solutions to tackle this problem, which, in turn, brought EVs/Plug-in-vehicles in the picture. Most automakers have been looking at composite materials as part of their multi-material light weighting strategies both in ICE and E-drive vehicles. In e-vehicles, a lower weight vehicle body allows downsizing batteries while maintaining range of the vehicle. Reducing vehicle body and battery pack weight leads to a compounding effect on weight reduction of the overall vehicle. Hence this enabling the downsizing of other parts such as brake systems and drivetrain parts. In ICE driven vehicles, the lower weight reduces emissions and improves performance at equal drivetrain power and torque levels.   

Building & Construction Industry in China is likely to propel the Market

Carbon fibre is the most popular material for producing long fibre thermoset composites especially, where the high composite strength. Carbon fibres, also known as graphite fibres, can be based on three chemical sources: polyacrylonitrile (PAN method that is led by Japanese manufacturers), rayon (such as from the Indian manufacturer Grasim) or petroleum pitch. More than 85% of the carbon fibres produced are made from polyacrylonitrile. However, the composition varies with each producer according to the recipe of the manufacturers. Carbon fibres are usually grouped according to the modulus band in which their properties fall and are supplied in different forms, from continuous filament tows to chopped fibres and mats. The main benefits of carbon fibres include their low density and hence high strength-to-weight ratio and stiffness; however its main downsides, compared to other fibres, are its cost and brittleness.  

United States is one of the Major Consumer in the Long-fiber Thermoset Composites Market 

The USA recognizes the opportunities in the sector too. The Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) regulations released in 2012 aims to raise the average fuel efficiency of new cars and vehicles to 54.5 miles per gallon13 by 2025 to reduce national dependence on oil. This regulatory pressure means that the American automotive industry has to use solutions such as light weighting to meet fuel efficiency targets. Recent federal initiatives are also encouraging for advanced composites, including for automotive applications. From January 2015, the US Department of Energy has invested more than USD 60 million, with a consortium of 122 industry partners, universities and non-profit organizations who themselves had funded more than USD 180 million to launch an advanced composites manufacturing institute. OEM members of this initiative include Volkswagen, Honda, and Ford. This federal initiative follows private initiatives. Aiming at driving a transition to fossil-fuel-free US transportation by 2050 via making cars lighter, the Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) launched the Auto composites Commercialization Launchpad (ACL) in June 2013. The ACL has two key focus area: developing a commercialization project that unites the supply chain to incorporate a CFRP part on a mainstream vehicle at the highest production volume ever achieved, and setting an innovation hub focused on centralizing and coordinating R&D and collaborative progress in the FRP industry. 

                                                 Long-fiber Thermoset Composites Market

Long-fiber Thermoset Composites Market Major Players

  • A. Schulman Inc.
  • Advanced Composites Inc. 
  • Asahi Kasei Plastics
  • Celanese Corporation
  • Conductive Composites
  • Fibrtec Inc
  • FRP Services & Co.
  • LANXESS Corporation
  • Lingol Corp.
  • Mitsui Chemicals
  • PlastiComp Inc.
  • PolyOne Advanced Composites
  • ReComposite LLC
  • RTP Company 
  • WyoComp AG

Reasons to Purchase Long-fiber Thermoset Composites Market Report

  • Analyzing various perspectives of the market with the help of Porter’s five forces analysis
  • Which end-user type is expected to dominate the Long-fibre Thermoset Composites market
  • Which region is expected to witness fastest growth during the forecast period
  • Identify the latest developments, market shares and strategies employed by the major market players
  • 3 months analyst support along with the Market Estimate sheet in excel

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1. Introduction

                1.1 Scope of the Report

                1.2 Market Definition

                1.3 Study Assumptions

                1.4 Study Deliverables

                1.5 Research Phases

2. Executive Summary

3. Long-fiber Thermoset Composites Market Insights

                3.1 Industry Value Chain Analysis

                3.2 Industry Attractiveness – Porter’s Five Forces Analysis

                                3.2.1 Bargaining Power of Suppliers

                                3.2.2 Bargaining Power of Consumers

                                3.2.3 Threat of New Entrants

                                3.2.4 Threat of Substitute Products & Services

                                3.2.5 Degree of Competition

                3.3 Opportunity Analysis by End-user

                3.4 Opportunity Analysis by Region

4. Market Dynamics

                4.1 Long-fiber Thermoset Composites Market Drivers

                                4.1.1 Demand for Light Weight and Fuel Efficient Vehicles

                                4.1.2 Stringent Regulations for Carbon Emission and uptake of Electric Vehicles

                4.2 Long-fiber Thermoset Composites Market Restraints

                                4.2.1 Recycling Issues

                                4.2.2 Other Restraints

                4.3 Long-fiber Thermoset Composites Market Opportunity

5. Market Segmentation and Analysis (Growth, Size, and Forecast)

                5.1 Long-fiber Thermoset Composites Market By Resin Type

                                5.1.1 Unsaturated Polyester

                                5.1.2 Epoxy

                                5.1.3 Vinyl Ester

                                5.1.4 Others

                5.2 Long-fiber Thermoset Composites Market By Fiber Type

                                5.2.1 Glass Fiber

                                5.2.2 Carbon Fiber

                5.3 Long-fiber Thermoset Composites Market By End-user

                                5.3.1 Transportation




                                       Passenger Trains


                                5.3.2 Marine

                                5.3.3 Aerospace

                                5.3.4 Building & Construction

                                5.3.5 Wind Energy

                                5.3.6 Electrical & Electronics

                                5.3.7 Consumer Goods & Others

6. Regional Market Analysis (Market Size, Growth, and Forecast)

                6.1 Asia-Pacific Long-fiber Thermoset Composites Market Size (2018-2023)

                                6.1.1 China Long-fiber Thermoset Composites Market Size (2018-2023)

                                6.1.2 India Long-fiber Thermoset Composites Market Size (2018-2023)

                                6.1.3 Japan Long-fiber Thermoset Composites Market Size (2018-2023)

                                6.1.4 South Korea Long-fiber Thermoset Composites Market Size (2018-2023)

                                6.1.5 ASEAN Countries Long-fiber Thermoset Composites Market Size (2018-2023)

                                6.1.6 Rest of Asia-Pacific

                6.2 North America Long-fiber Thermoset Composites Market Size (2018-2023)

                                6.2.1 United States Long-fiber Thermoset Composites Market Size (2018-2023)

                                6.2.2 Canada Long-fiber Thermoset Composites Market Size (2018-2023)

                                6.2.3 Rest of North America

                6.3 Europe Long-fiber Thermoset Composites Market Size (2018-2023)

                                6.3.1 Germany Long-fiber Thermoset Composites Market Size (2018-2023)

                                6.3.2 United Kingdom Long-fiber Thermoset Composites Market Size (2018-2023)

                                6.3.3 France Long-fiber Thermoset Composites Market Size (2018-2023)

                                6.3.4 Italy Long-fiber Thermoset Composites Market Size (2018-2023)

                                6.3.5 Spain Long-fiber Thermoset Composites Market Size (2018-2023)

                                6.3.6 Rest of Europe

                6.4 South America Long-fiber Thermoset Composites Market Size (2018-2023)

                                6.4.1 Brazil Long-fiber Thermoset Composites Market Size (2018-2023)

                                6.4.2 Argentina Long-fiber Thermoset Composites Market Size (2018-2023)

                                6.4.3 Rest of South America

                6.5 Middle East and Africa Long-fiber Thermoset Composites Market Size (2018-2023)

                                6.5.1 Saudi Arabia Long-fiber Thermoset Composites Market Size (2018-2023)

                                6.5.2 South Africa Long-fiber Thermoset Composites Market Size (2018-2023)

                                6.5.3 Rest of Middle East and Africa

7. Long-fiber Thermoset Composites Market Competitive Landscape

                7.1 Mergers & Acquisitions, Joint Ventures, Collaborations, and Agreements

                7.2 Market Share Analysis**

                7.3 Strategies Adopted by Leading Players

8. Long-fiber Thermoset Composites Market Company Profiles

                8.1 A. Schulman Inc.

                8.2 Advanced Composites Inc.

                8.3 Asahi Kasei Plastics

                8.4 BASF SE

                8.5 Celanese Corporation

                8.6 Conductive Composites

                8.7 Fibrtec Inc.

                8.8 FRP Services & Co.

                8.9 LANXESS Corporation

                8.10 Lingol Corp.

                8.11 Mitsui Chemicals

                8.12 PlastiComp Inc.

                8.13 PolyOne Advanced Composites

                8.14 ReComposite LLC

                8.15 RTP Company

                8.16 SABIC

                8.17 WyoComp

                *List not Exhaustive

9. Disclaimer

**Subject to Feasibility & Availability on Public Domain

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