Germany Agricultural Machinery Market - Share, Growth, Trends, Forecast (2017  - 2022)

Germany Agricultural Machinery Market - Share, Growth, Trends, Forecast (2017 - 2022)

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Germany is one of the largest markets for agricultural machinery and implements in Europe, going by the large turnover for this industry in the country. The country is one of the largest exporters of agricultural machinery in the world, the largest manufacturer and the second largest consumer of agri-machinery in Europe. While EU collectively regressed in terms of agri-machinery sales growth over 2014-15 (including Germany), the revenues earned by this large market alone makes it of importance.

German agricultural machinery is preferred worldwide because of German superior, precision and innovative engineering. Germany is one of the top destinations for FDIs in agricultural, construction and mining machineries in Europe.

The market for agricultural machinery in Germany is affected by factors like an optimized supply chain, productivity concern, experienced labour force and involvement of FDI in agriculture. Moreover, additional factors influencing sales for agri-machinery in Germany are: Cyclical downtime (after the boom in sales over 2011-2013), lower commodity prices leading to reduced income for farmers, the repercussions of the Russian embargo, and a new EU policy (CAP: Common Agricultural Policy) set to be introduced in 2015.

The country’s approximately 30,000 employees occupy roughly a third of all of Europe’s agri-machinery manufacturing capacity. The country had a turnover of $9.5 billion in 2013. Cyclical downtime, low commodity prices and speculation on the CAP policy have led to low revenues over 2014 and 2015 in Germany. This trend is expected to persist over the short term. Currently worth $X billion, the agricultural machinery market in Germany is expected to grow at CAGR X% between 2015 and 2020.

Starting with common tools of farming like plough and sickle, the agricultural machinery industry has products to offer in every stage of a crop cycle. Here market segmentation is done on the basis of product and phase type, for example, tractors, plowing and cultivating machinery, planting and fertilizing, harvesting machinery etc. The combine machine of scarifying, fertilizing and seeding is popular in Germany; the plough, mineral fertilizer applicator, combine harvester and grain thresher are also in great demand. In terms of geography, Germany has about 47% of its land dedicated to agriculture.

Competitive Landscape

Agricultural machinery market in Europe has about 4500 manufacturing companies. The German agricultural machinery and equipment industry face high competition from renowned players like Deere and Company, AGCO Corp., CNH Industrial N.V, Kuhn, Massey Ferguson, CASE IH, operating in market place. The companies here thrive to strengthen their base on the basis of product features, pricing, quality, scale of operation and technology innovation Companies in Germany particularly work for sustainable development and profitability.

1. Market Introduction                                                              

                1.1 Market Definition                                    

                1.2 Key Findings of the Study                                     

2. Research Scope & Methodology                                                       

                2.1 Study Deliverables                                  

                2.2 Study Assumptions                                 

                2.3 Research Methodology                                         

                2.4 Research Phases                                      

3. Market Dynamics                                                    

                3.1 Germany Agricultural Machinery Market Drivers                                       

                                3.1.1 Large Scale Agricultural Production Driving Mechanization                 

                                3.1.2 Government Subsidies for Farm Mechanization                     

                                3.1.3 Increasing Labor Wages                     

                3.2 Germany Agricultural Machinery Market Constraints                                              

                                3.2.1 Import restrictions from Russia                      

                                3.2.2 Low Purchasing Power and High Cost of Equipment                              

                3.3 Germany Agricultural Machinery Market Porter’s Five Forces Analysis                                            

                                3.3.1 Bargaining Powers of Buyers                           

                                3.3.2 Bargaining Powers of Suppliers                      

                                3.3.3 Threat of New Entrants                     

                                3.3.4 Threat from Substitute products                   

                                3.3.5 Competition Rivalry                             

4. Germany Agricultural Machinery Market Segmentation                                                           

                4.1. Tractors                                      

                                4.1.1 Less than 25 HP                     

                                4.1.2 25-50 HP                   

                                4.1.3 51-100HP                 

                                4.1.4 100- 175 HP                             

                                4.1.5 Greater than 175 HP                           

                4.2 Plowing and Cultivating Machinery                                  

                                4.2.1 Ploughs (Disc plough and M.B plough)                        

                                4.2.2 Harrows                   

                                4.2.3 Cultivators & Tillers                              

                                4.2.4 Others                      

                4.3 Planting Machinery                                 

                                4.3.1 Seed Drills               

                                4.3.2 Planters                    

                                4.3.4 Spreaders                

                                4.3.5 Others                      

                4.4 Harvesting Machinery                                            

                                4.4.1 Combine Harvesters                           

                                       <35 HP   

                                       35-70 HP               

                                       >70 HP   


                                4.4.2 Forage Harvesters               

                                4.4.3 Others (include Root Crop Harvesting Machinery and Fruit & Vegetable Harvesting Machinery)                               

                4.5 Haying and Forage Machinery                                            

                                4.5.1 Mowers                   

                                4.5.2 Balers                        

                                4.5.3 Tedders and Rakes                              

                                4.5.4 Others                      

                4.6 Sprayers                                      

                                4.6.1 Manual                     

                                4.6.2 Battery Operated                 

                                4.6.3 Solar Sprayers                        

                                4.6.4 Fuel Operated                       

                4.7 Irrigation Machinery                                               

                                4.7.1 Sprinkler Irrigation                               

                                4.7.2 Drip Irrigation                         

                                4.7.3 Others                      

                4.8 Others                                           

5.Germany Agricultural Machinery Market Competitive Landscape                                                         

                5.1 Most Adopted Strategies                                     

                5.2 Most Active Companies                                        

                5.3 Market Share Analysis                                           

6. Germany Agricultural Machinery Market Company Profiles                                                    

                6.1 Agrale                                           

                6.2 Massey Ferguson (AGCO)                                    

                6.3 Deere and Company                                              

                6.4 AGCO Corp.                                

                6.5 CNH Industrial N.V                                  

                6.6 Escorts Group                                            

                6.7 Kubota Tractor Corp                               

                6.9 Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd.                                   

                6.10 Yanmar Company Limited                                  

                6.11 Kubota Corporation                                              

                6.12 Netafim Limited                                     

*List is not exhaustive                                                  

7. Germany Agricultural Machinery Market Outlook                                                       

8. Germany Agricultural Machinery Market Appendix

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