Analysis of the Global Venture Capital Market - Growth, Forecasts and Trends (2020 - 2025)

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Venture Capitalism has helped enterprises make their mark and find success, and has helped innumerable innovations, some of which have transformed how the global future unfolded.

In 2014, a total of 6507 deals were finalized, amounting US$ 86.9 billion, the highest investment mark since 2000. This trend is expected to continue in 2015.

Between 2009 and 2014, venture capital funding raised has grown by 11% CAGR, and in particular, by 37% over 2013-2014, reflecting increased risk appetite of investors. This trend of increase in VC funding is supported by a consistent pipeline of IPOs.

Globally, the United States of America maintained a lead as geographical region to get the lion’s share of investment. Bay Area witnessed amounts almost double of those invested in 2013. Beijing recorded an increase of 237% over 2013 in terms of amounts invested, reserving a spot in the top 5 investment destinations, by pushing out UK. The top five destinations, namely, Bay Area, Beijing, NY Metro, New England and S. California nabbed 75% of all venture capital acquired by the top 15 highest investment geographies.

The average deal size in 2014 was recorded in the fourth quarter, at about US$ 16.7 million. Consumer services, especially those involved in apps continued to occupy a lion’s share of VC investments made. Deals with large ticket sizes were made for consumer services companies like Uber, Snapchat, Flipkart, Instacart, and others.

In terms of investments in stages of start-ups, investments in later stages almost doubled in comparison with previous records. Moreover, median deal sizes for investments witnessed an increase in 2014, across all stages and across all geographies.

The US continues to attract investment amounts totalling US$52.1 billion as of 2014, or, about 60% of the global value. In terms of YoY growth between 2013 and 2014, China, India and USA exhibited the highest increases in VC funding reception.


This report offers a complete and thorough analysis of VC funding, in terms of geography, amount, sector, and type. It further provides forecasts for VC funding for the regions over a forecast period of 3 years, as the rapidly changing startup funding scenarios cannot allow for longer.

Furthermore, this report provides a comprehensive incubator and mentorship scenario according to geographies. In addition, supportive government initiatives, policies and funding for startups/new ventures are also enlisted based on geographies. 

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